Start: 2018

End: 2023


Programme: H2020-EU. – Europe’s role as a global actor, notably regarding human rights and global justice

Action: ENG-GLOBALLY-03-2017 – The European Union and the global challenge of migration


MIGNEX – Aligning Migration Management and the Migration–Development Nexus – is a five-year research project (2018–2023) with the core ambition of creating new knowledge on migration, development and policy. It involves researchers at nine institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia.

MIGNEX is driven by one overarching objective: Contribute to more effective and coherent migration management through evidence-based understanding of the linkages between development and migration.  

In other words, our primary job is to show how development processes affect migration and how migration processes affect development. The motivation lies in the promise of better policies. By better policies we mean policies that achieve their stated objectives, pull in the same direction, and engage with conflicts of interest in a meaningful way.

Our work is guided by ten specific objectives. Each one relates to particular tasks within the project. Together, they support our overall ambition making a difference through new knowledge on migration, development and policy.

  • Refining understandings of the multi-level determination of migration processes.
  • Documenting how configurations of policies and non-policy factors shape migration processes.
  • Refining understandings of the multi-level impacts of migration processes on development.
  • Documenting how configurations of migration and non-migration factors shape development outcomes.
  • Identifying opportunities for sound management of transit migration.
  • Examining the links between migration legislation and new policy tools for migration management.
  • Clarifying the links between migration management, development processes, and migrant integration.
  • Disentangling the foundations of policy incoherence in European migration and development policy.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the overall European approach to third-country cooperation on migration.
  • Ensuring impact through continuous, professional, and effective engagement with stakeholders.