Start: 2019

End: 2020

Partner:          IZDAVACKA KUKA ARETE D (Serbia)            (Publisher)

Action: Creative Europe        Literary translation projects


The project “Literary Migration: Spatial, Temporal, and Spiritual Dislocation” problematizes the relationship between the estrangement and re-birth of literary heroes, but also of the authors who create/live in the environment to which they arrived and which has been transformed into another cultural context. With frequent change of borders during its turbulent history, the Old Continent went through many migrations of people – from European to other world countries, and from different continents to Europe – which gave a fertile ground for artistic creation that deals with the issue of identity in the surrounding that cannot be called a birthplace, whether because the boundaries of nations had changed or because the personal stance of the author or the protagonist towards the environment where they grew up had changed. Other countries and Serbia itself was the scene of such events and this unstable historical heritage motivated the authors to write about their personal migrations and inability to precisely determine their own motherland. We believe that the actuality of this issue in our country has sparked a significant interest in those subjects, and that the readers will certainly be curious and sympathetic about similar situations from the European literary production that can be comparatively traced through the whole 20th and 21st century. Every book chosen for the project speaks about the spatial, temporal, and spiritual dislocation conditioned by political events as well as by personal tragedies. The project is consisted of books of seven authors from seven different countries of the European Union. The author of the book “Gogoli disko” won a prestigious EUPL award. There are four novels, a collection of poems, and two collections of short stories in the project. All selected authors are winners of distinguished cultural awards in their respective countries, and their work has been translated to many languages.