Start: 2018

End: 2020

Partner:          ZULMA (France)          Publisher

Action: Creative Europe        Literary translation projects


We have selected 3 novels on the basis of their intrinsic literary quality and the unique Europe they represent. The authors, Einar Mar Gudmundsson (Iceland), Miquel de Palol (Spain – Catalonia), Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin (Austria – Sudan) are the ambassadors for a plural European literature and write in less used languages. In these times of identity hardship and an unprecedented migration crisis, it seems particularly important to make the argument of European literature as being a literature of diversity, putting forward subjects such as immigration, minorities, sexual orientation, all the while being open to different genres, from road movie to science fiction.Thus, our project « Promoting in Europe the Diversity of Europe » seeks to put forth the following message throughout the continent : These three novels hold the role of ambassador and will showcase our entire catalogue putting us on the map as a European actor. We have three objectives: Sensitize the Francophone readers, in France and throughout Europe and the Maghreb, to the diversity of the European communities and cultures. Promote the diversity of European Literature targeting international editors. And finally, develop our audience in France, specifically the young reader. To meet these objectives, several strategies will be pursued: operations with large international bookstores, the promotion of our authors through their participation in the biggest European literary festivals, participation to international book fairs to promote the diversity of European literature to international editors and specific communication in order to sell foreign rights, the development of a digital communication campaign to better target our public, and the creation of a community of readers with an emphasis on reaching a younger, male public.