A Million Stories

Start: 2016

End: 2018

Partner:          ROSKILDE KOMMUNE (Denmark)  Library

MALMO STAD (Sweden)         Library

STADT KOLN (Germany)        Library

FUTURE LIBRARY (Greece)                Library

Action: Creative Europe        Refugee Integration Projects



A Million Stories will create a platform enabling refugees to tell the stories of their experiences and encounters over the life of their migration: what their life was like in their home country and why they felt it necessary to leave; how they travelled and what happened to them on their journey in the places they passed through; and what life has been like since they arrived in the country in which they remain or intend to settle. The platform to be created will use and adapt established digital storytelling technologies. It will seek to engage actively both host populations and refugees, fostering information exchange and thereby greater understanding. Access to stories created will be provided through the Million Stories web interface which will include attractive visualization facilities, such as map-based access, depicting migration routes. The digital storytelling platform to be used in A Million Stories will be adapted to integrate plug in translation tools, interface design and implementation and storage specification. This will be finalized by the time of project inception. A number of well-tried tools are available as Open Source and suitable for the purpose. One such under active consideration is the Omeka digital library system which has been deployed in a number of European digital culture projects and is notable for supporting adaptation, multilingual approaches and ease-of-use at all stages. Bearing in mind that 60% of the refugees that chose to come to the EU have a low education level, and therefore do not necessarily speak English or the host country language, it will be important that participants are able to convey textual or oral components of their stories in the languages they know. Therefore, plug-in facilities will be provided at the user interface to enable on-demand translation



An online platform of digital storytelling.


Website: http://refugeelives.eu/