Europe now

Start: 2011

Partner:          Riksteatern (Sweden)

Arcola Theatre Production Company (UK)

Kultursprünge e.V. im Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (Germany)

Theater RAST (Holand)

Talimhane Tiyatrosu (Turkey)

Action: Creative Europe        Culture (2007-2013)                Cooperation measures


Europe now is a project and cooperation between five theatres from five different countries in Europe. A large part of the inhabitants in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey and The Netherlands are foreign born or children to foreign born. Migrant groups live across national borders and share certain experience and cultures. This “new” reality poses a number of intercultural challenges and possibilities for development in Europe the coming future. The aim of Europe Now is to develop new stories on our intercultural Europe. The stories, in the format of theatre plays, will create tools for reflecting upon our societies and our common future. With Europe Now we want to reach a new urban and ethnical diverse target group, but also those who know less about interculturalism, and offer space for dialogue and discussion. Europe Now will:

– Develop five new written plays on intercultural Europe by upcoming playwrights with diverse background.

– Translate each play into at least two European languages for any interested cultural operator to produce.

– Produce, perform and tour five new plays on intercultural Europe.

– Create real and virtual space for discussions on Europe today.

– Give space to, set future premises and suggest a model for intercultural exchange between cultural operators and the mobility of artists.

Europe Now is a beginning of a common market with the Intercultural Europe as common interest, where we together increase the possibilities of mobility of artists, productions and experience for the benefit of a growing intercultural audience living across our borders and for the continued discussion on a united, socially sustainable Europe.