Start: 2010

Partner:          Diputacion Provincial de Granada (Spain)

The Fabric’ AssociationName: Dimo Dimov (Bulgaria)

Mandinga ArtsName: Charles Gimpel (UK)

Action: Creative Europe        Culture (2007-2013)               Cooperation measures


The project will ignite collaborative arts partnerships, build pathways between Rural and Urban Europe, and bridge the relationship between traditional European cultures and 21st Century European arts. It aims to contribute to the fight against poverty by reducing cultural and social exclusion and isolation.

Through the research, mentoring, commissioning, exchange and touring programme Interwoven will empower artists and isolated rural communities to create, curate and exhibit their own work nationally and internationally. This will provide them with the opportunity to reach to other communities, artists, and organisations that could contribute to their personal, cultural and social development. It will open a space for intercultural dialogue, forging relationships that can open new doors for professional opportunities.

The project will include artists from a range of disciplines, and will feature a strong strand of dance, music and costume design engagement. It will seek to forge collaborations across arts disciplines that will lead to innovative ventures in creative practice.

We will conduct a strand of arts-based action research which will inform and provide material for an eventual choreography and dance tour. This activity-based investigation will raise the profile of local heritage archives and engage with programmes of traditional crafts. The research will also examine the impact of migration on small communities and their cultural activities. Artists will engage in exchange visits to each other and will work towards a number of creative interventions that explore traditional arts through the filter of contemporary art. The project will involve professional and community artists.