The Adventurous Travels of Squirrel & Bär: Europe

Start: 2016

End: 2020

Partner:          THE GOOD EVIL GMBH (Germany)               Video Games Developer/Producers

Action: Creative Europe        Video-Games Development Support


“The Adventurous Travels of Squirrel & Bär: Europe” a 2D adventure game for kids aged 4-9 years for mobile devices. It will be the first educational game for kids to learn about the different European cultures, languages, habits and the beauty of its diversity. Featuring full voice recording by native speakers of 10 European languages and localisation for the 6 key markets. The kids join Squirrel and Bear on a journey across Europe helping the badger to find his missing son. Each country represents one step on this quest-based narrative-driven adventure. Every quest has a specific learning content, that is interwoven with gameplay. The kids focus on helping their hero’s while learning happens through their interaction. Through the quests, the kids are introduced to everyday realities of different nationalities. Including cultural backgrounds, language, cloths, body language, habits, food preferences, social interactions and typical landmarks (Eiffel tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome). 
Our previous award-winning educational game “Squirrel & Bär” proves, that the characters, core gameplay and underlying pedagogical concept work. It is praised by parents and loved by kids. We gained profound knowledge in game-based learning, language acquisition and through numerous playtests with kids. This ensures us to create again a fun game, with a rich learning experience, driven by story and the beloved characters. It is perfectly suited for migrant kids coming to Europe. The game allows them to get a first playful understanding and practical knowledge of the European cultures (e.g. greeting people).Our goal is to enable the kids to experience, that the different European languages and cultures are beautiful. That diversity should be embraced, to be able to establish wonderful friendships, creativity and inspiration. So everybody – independent of race, cultural background, heritage and gender – can join together on a common goal, the one of freedom and equality.