WE ARE HERE: A Self-Portrait of Poverty and Social Exclusion

Start: 2010

Partner:          A19 Film and Video Ltd t/a Media19 (UK)

Regione del Veneto (Youth Dept) Name: Ruscitti Giancarlo (Italy)

Foundation of Subjective Values (Szubjektív Értékek AlapítványName: Lorincz Marcell (Hungary)

SviName: Attila Meszaros (Serbia)

Action: Creative Europe        Culture (2007-2013)                Cooperation measures


‘We Are Here’ is a multi-platform cultural project that enables socially and economically marginalised citizens and communities who have little or no access to creative work and cultural production, to work alongside artists and use visual media; digital photography, drawing, painting, writing, mixed media and digital video to produce intimate and revealing self-portraits of their lives – the realities of their day to day living, the challenges, hopes, fears and aspirations. This engages directly with the year of Poverty and Social Exclusion through an interim exhibition and publication as part of a major policy conference in autumn 2010 led by the Social Inclusion Regional Group.

Led by UK media company Media19, the project will feature: an initial training event for artists from each partner country to meet and discuss shared practice and ideas; production workshops (over 3-4 months) with the communities to create their work and; exhibitions of the final work.

The project will use Media19’s proven experience in managing similar projects such as Self Portrait UK and Self Portrait Refugee. (See http://www.media19.co.uk/projects/). The communities we will work with are; young single parents in the UK; refugee and Romany communities in Hungary and Serbia; disadvantaged disabled people in Belgium and migrant youngsters in the Veneto region of Italy. The work will be disseminated through public exhibition sites (eg. billboards), in each of the partner countries and on public transport networks. Media19 and our Hungary and Serbia partners have previous experience of managing this. The work will also be presented online and shared on social network sites such as Facebook and media sharing sites such as You Tube and Flickr and through pr and marketing.
Bringing these communities and artists together around shared issues and practice will help create a new picture of the issues faced by our marginalised communities so that they should not be ignored.


See: http://www.media19.co.uk/projects/we-are-here/