Start: 2018

End: 2020


Programme: H2020-EU. – The mechanisms to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

Action: H2020-EU. – Trusted organisations, practices, services and policies that are necessary to build resilient, inclusive, participatory, open and creative societies in Europe, in particular taking into account migration, integration and demographic change


Policy-making in the migration, asylum and integration field needs accurate and reliable knowledge. Politicians at all levels, civil society representatives and researchers need suitable ways of working together in the face of a rapidly changing environment. ReSOMA, the Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum, is the initiative mobilising for sustained, regular policy dialogue across Europe and facilitating policies based on evidence. In a unique partnership of European civil society and local authority organisations, think tanks and research networks, ReSOMA creates new opportunities for consultation and provides policy-relevant expertise. Started in 2018, ReSOMA is a two-year project supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme.

Increasingly, the migration debate has lost a sense of perspective and is disproportionally focused on security issues. Policies fail to provide sustainable solutions as they are not based on accurate facts, are hostage to perceived constrains and play to, or even exacerbate, fears and sentiments.

ReSOMA brings reliable knowledge and a focus on what really matters to the debate and highlights feasible, durable and rights-based solutions.

ReSOMA is interaction. During two annual cycles, ReSOMA identifies the most pressing topics and needs relating to the migration, asylum and integration debate. Project partners then gather evidence on these topics by involving researchers, policymakers and practitioners, engage them in several cycles of consultations enabling them to connect with one another, and produce a number of publications. In three consecutive steps and through its ongoing communication and networking efforts, ReSOMA.

The ReSOMA digital platform provides stakeholders with the essential, sustainable and innovative online tools that they need to bring their scientific and praxis-based knowledge into the EU’s ongoing policy debates and consultations on migration, asylum and integration. The platform serves as a central hub for project’s activities.The platform enables collaborative network and open innovation behaviors by facilitating dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders. The ReSOMA Policy Briefs include policy briefs on setting and responding the EU policy agenda, available policy options and perceived policy dilemmas and alternatives. In addition, the monthly expert interviews are focused on correcting coverage of the major news story likely to (re)shape the EU’s response to a key migration, asylum or integration issue.