Forced migration and digital connectivity in(to) Europe

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Social Media + Society ha recentemente pubblicato una special issue sul tema della relazione tra migranti, migrazione, comunità diasporiche e uso dei media digitali.


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Ecco la presentazione della Special issue, a cura di Koen Leurs and Kevin Smets

“Digital migration has emerged as a contentious topic during the recent
so-called “European refugee crisis.” The wide circulation of news images
of smartphone carrying Syrian refugees, and Syrian refugees taking
selfies upon their safe arrival on European shores became resources for
various actors in Europe to imagine themselves and their relation to
incoming others. Digital technologies have been mobilized and imagined
in contrasting ways by different groups of state actors: for example, as
a way of understanding contemporary migration, as a way to control
mobility, as a way to attack it, as a way to esthetically capture it,
and as a way to uncover agency. Focusing on the context of Europe, this
special collection of /Social Media + Society /seeks to historicize,
contextualize, empirically ground, and conceptually reflect on the
impact of digital technologies on forced migration.

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