Conferenza 2018 IFTR – The International Federation for Theatre Research

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Dal 9 al 13 luglio si svolgerà a Belgrado la Conferenza 2018 dell’IFTR – The International Federation for Theatre Research. Quest’anno il tema è di estremo interesse e coerente con gli obiettivi della nostra ricerca: “Theatre and Migration. Theatre, nation and identity: between Migration and Stasis“.


We would like to approach the topic of Theatre and Migration from several broad angles, asking:  How have theatre and performance responded to issues of exile, displacement and Otherness both historically and in our times? How has the process of migration been shaped and reshaped through various political, social, cultural and artistic scenarios? How can the notion of migration be employed to grapple with issues of cultural cross-fertilization, transfer, appropriation and mutation?  What constitute ecologies of migration in theatre and performance (and beyond)?

Tra gli interventi del convegno vi segnaliamo:

Roberta CarpaniItalian Migration during XX century on stage: Italian narrative theatre as an instrument for shaping consciences
Giulia Innocenti Malini, Social Community Theatre with Refugees in Italy
Martina Guerinoni, Social and Community Theatre as best practice for the inclusion of migrant women in Italy 


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